This models represent the developments that I have worked on over the past fifteen years. I feel this reflect the best combination of tradition and contemporary innovation to be found in luthiery today.
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I recommend using D´Addario Carbon strings.
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Mensur or length of the strings: 650 mm

1st fret - 21 mm
9th fret - 23 mm
Wood: Spanish cedar
Reinforcement: padouk

Wood: ebony
Width: nut - 52.5 mm
12th fret - 62.5 mm
Elevated fingerboard
Action height at 12th fret:
1st string - 2.8 mm
6th string - 3.9 mm

Nut and saddle
Thickness: nut - 4 mm; saddle - 3 mm
Compensation: strings individually compensated at saddle
Saddle slanted for greater downbearing pressure

Tie block: 12-hole type
Material: Brazilian rosewood or padouk

Thickness: 20 mm;
String slot width: 14 mm;

Wood: Cedar
Length: 48 cm
Width: Upper bout - 28 cm
Waist - 24 cm
Lower bout - 36 cm
Neck/body joint - 8.9 cm
Tailblock - 9.7 cm
Arcing: Top and back are arced in both length and width

French-polished with shellac. As an alternative to schellac the body can be finished with polyruethane. The top is always delivered with a finish of shellac.